What is a Good Penny Stock to Buy Today?

You worry about your financial standing. Not only do you worry about today, the here and the now, but you also definitely worry about your future financial standing. And that is perfectly normal, of course. What would be out of the ordinary, and downright alarming, is if you seem to be totally unconcerned about it all. That would be quite irresponsible of you, not only for yourself but for those who depend on you as well. Being concerned about your financial status can also be a reflection of how responsible you are.

That was my own thinking when I began to consider how to improve my financial standing. I knew even then that I needed to be careful when worrying about how I could improve it properly. There are many different options, actually, but I am also aware that I need to study it carefully before being able to do anything to take advantage of it.

I had been interested in going into investments and possibly even set up a business of my own. Setting up a business would most probably take a while; it is not realistic for me to expect myself to set it up in such a short while. Another option that I have been looking at is investing in stocks. Although I must admit that right now my knowledge is still not enough to make myself a success in it, I am nevertheless prepared to make myself more knowledgeable about it.

About Penny Stocks

Case in point: Right now I am studying penny stocks. Now penny stocks are stocks that trade at relatively low prices and market capitalization. It is also usually outside the range of major market exchanges. It is actually one of those stocks that are considered by experts to be highly speculative and also known to be high risk since it lacks liquidity, has small capitalization, and by limited following and disclosure.

Penny stocks are stocks that used to trade for less than one dollar for each share. However, that has already been modified by the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) so that all shares that trade below five dollars are now included. And even as they are no longer trading or selling for mere pennies, they had still retained the name because one that has not changed is the fact that it is still considered to be pretty risky business.

Indeed, there is every reason for investors to be quite wary of penny stocks. Sure, there is the chance of getting some nice profits from it, but the likelihood of having great losses as well is very real and perhaps even more so.

Being wary of penny stocks is probably the best thing to do and the safest as well. Determining what is a good penny stock to buy today would go a long way towards ensuring yourself that you are at least protected from any of the possible pitfalls of making penny stocks your choice.